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Who We Are

Founded by Lee and Kim Robbins, who believes that every Returning Citizen (aka formally incarcerated individuals) deserves the right to mobility. Millions of Returning Citizens in the US are hindered in getting gainful employment and keeping appointments with Community Supervision Officers because many do not have a license to drive. The modern age has offered many potential solutions to this problem, but large portions of the population are left without access to new technology. We have teamed up with Common Courtesy (Provide rides for Senior Citizens) who uses the Uber and Lyft dispatch platform to expand mobility to all who desire it. 


How it Works

U.P. Lift bridges the gap between our riders and Uber/Lyft, two popular ride-sharing services. Our users call us to schedule a ride, and we schedule a driver to pick them up at their desired time and place. We then coordinate the ride by alerting the Uber/Lyft drivers of who to pick up, and then we call our rider once the driver has arrived. We ensure that the trip goes smoothly by tracking our rider's trip and calling them once the trip has concluded. 



We offer several options to fund riders. There are two primary types of accounts: Chapters and Personal Accounts. Chapter accounts are created by organizations wishing to provide transportation to all of their members, for example, a church group could create a fund only available for their members. The organization provides the initial funds (called retainers) that are in their account used to give their members rides and then the organization or other donors can donate money to chapter accounts. A personal account is opened to be used by one specific person. Similarly to chapter accounts, others can contribute money to the personal accounts. 

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